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S6019 RFID Tag Data Sheet

Item No.: ST-S6019   Description: UHF High Temp Acid Resistant  Asset Tag
Physical Features
Dimension: 69X19X7mm
Material PPS/PBT
Weight 9.5g
Color (Optional) Black
Waterproof IP68
Heat Resistance 220
Installation Adhesive Back, Screw, Zip strap
Electronic Parameters
Frequency 865~868MHz(EU) 902~928MHz(US)
Protocol EPC Class1 Gen2 /ISO18000-6C
IC (Optional) Impinj Monza R6
Memory TID 48 bits    EPC 96 bits    User 0 bits
Function R/W
Read Range 0.1~5m  Depends on the type of IC and reader
Operation Temp -40~150
Peak Temp 30 munites@200
Special Function Anti-metal,Anti-corrosion, Anti-heat up to 220
Duration 100K Writes
Data Retention 50 Years
Personalization Encoding Service, QR Code Printing, ID No, Serial No. Printing, Logo Printing
Application Fields
Asset Management Gas & Oil Industry
Machinery Management Power plant, Chemical industry
Recycle Material Management Pallet Management
Construction Cement Management  Other Fields
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ST-S6019 UHF High Temp Acid Resistant Asset Tag

Item No: ST-S6019     UHF High Temp Acid Resistant Asset Tag
Dimension: 60X19X7mm
Material: PPS
Weight:  9.5g
UHF: 865~868MHz (EU)  902~928MHz (US)
Chip (Optional): Impinj Monza R6
Protocol: EPC Class1 Gen2 / ISO18000-6C